Sagem Design Direction (2001 - 2005)

In early 2001, the marketing department of the French manufacturer Sagem approached us, entitling us with the Design Direction for a selected series of mobile phones. These special phones were supposed to improve brand awareness with the public. The strategic goal of the partnership was to assist Sagem in creating a corporate design language and to help the brand conquer share in the then still rising mobile phone market.

Soon, we also got involved in day-to-day design development for regular commercial products and operator-relevant product versions, creating many designs and variations. The challenge was always to find the right balance for differentiating Sagem and to become courageous enough to go their own way and find their long-term market position.

Early involvement and participation in development processes.
Creation of a "design vocabulary" and brand specific "range icons".
Design of operator-specific products.
Design of special product lines dedicated to emerging markets.
Creation of design roadmaps.
Strategic consulting on brand positioning and future design implementation.

Project Team: Claus-Christian Eckhardt, Andreas Hopf, Johannes Kiessler