Sagem Art Direction, 2001 - 2006

Clamshell phone concept MyX10. Presented for the first time at the CEBIT in Hannover in 2003.

Design Team: Claus-Christian Eckhardt, Andreas Hopf, Johannes Kiessler
These Designs: Claus-Christian Eckhardt


The concept was featured in numerous publications worldwide, among others in The International Design Yearbook 2004, and was part of the exhibition "Jung und Deutsch" in Berlin and Tokyo in 2005.

Fotos: Designkoop


Clamshell phone concept MyX8 (2002). A then innovative concept for a clamshell phone. Its shell is entirely manufactured from a solid block of aluminum and the hinge allows the phone to open up 180 degrees to become a straight bar-phone. 

Its slim and clean design and its restricted choice of materials make it an all-time classic. This phone almost made it to production: the project was stopped for strategic reasons few weeks before market launch in 2003.

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