Together, we have designed products for industry since 2001. From the beginning, our partnership (Designkoop) was composed of Claus-Christian Eckhardt, Andreas Hopf and Johannes Kiessler. In late 2009, Andreas Hopf has left our team.

In these times, consumer behaviour is changing in the direction of more conscious choices. Also, the web and digital production methods offer the possibility for almost everybody to create, to produce and to market globally products profitably even in small amounts.

Most designers are able to make one cool design for a product.
Many designers can make a desirable product that would also reflect the essence of its brand. Eventually, the design of this product would fit or expand into a whole range.

Few designers know how to come up with a great concept, design a desirable product around it and direct its implementation all the way to market.

On top of that, only the most select designers have enough experience and overview to come up with a great strategy for your brand before even starting to design anything.

We design for market and have realized Omega, Suunto, Whirlpool and others to award winning results in Germany, Japan and USA.

Further, we also help companies envision their future and explore new possibilities through research projects which are not limited by technical packages, market or actual client profiles.


Claus-Christian Eckhardt

worked as interior designer for Silvestrin Design, was in charge of designing consumer electronics and communication products at Blaupunkt where he was also responsible for the design of the Bosch Telecom product range and Bosch mobile phones. Later, he became chief designer and head of global product design with Bosch and after that head of design at Tenovis and Avaya.

Since 2001, he is professor and head of the division of industrial design at Lund University in Sweden. His research fields are design management and design implementation.

He received several national and international awards and recognitions, e.g. Red Dot Award, IF-Hannover, Good Design Award (The Chicago Athenaeum), ID Annual Design Review, The International Design Yearbook.

Johannes Kiessler

worked as product designer at the Olivetti Design Studio in Milan and later at Studio De Lucchi (Milan) where he was in charge of designing products for Olivetti Lexicon, Samsung, BMW, Mandarina Duck and others. In 1998 he opened his own product- and interior design practice in Milan, working for clients such as Siemens-Nixdorf, Lufthansa, Bosch Telecom, Verri Uomo, Enrico Coveri and others.

He was master class assistant at the Domus Academy in Milan and at the Milan Polytechnic. He also held several guest lectures and workshops at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre at Lund University in Sweden.

Since 2010, he is lecturer for Packaging Design at the Institute of Design (Berlin).

Among others, he received several national and international awards, e.g. ID Annual Design Review, International Design Yearbook, Reddot, Good Design Award (The Chicago Athenaeum) and was part of the "Design Team of the Year" in 1997.